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The Best Books About Knee Replacement

Best Knee Replacement Books

You may have heard that my second book, Life After Knee Replacement: A Guide to Success with Surgery, Recovery, and Rehabilitation, was released this month. It's really an amazing accomplishment for me, and the culmination of years of training and working together with patients to achieve the best possible results following knee replacement surgery.

Although Life After Knee Replacement: A Guide to Success with Surgery, Recovery, and Rehabilitation focuses on the healing process after surgery, there are a number of books by other authors that focus on additional aspects of care, such as the details of what takes place during a total knee replacement surgery. If you're suffering from knee pain and you're interested in learning more, these books are a great complement to Life After Knee Replacement.

"This book gives you the tools you need to fight back against knee arthritis pain and take back control. You will learn all about knee arthritis and the steps you can take to make it better."

"How do you make sure that you as an individual get hold of the right treatment for you? Simple. Arm yourself with the right questions to ask your surgeon and you will understand what is right for you and more importantly, your surgeon will know that you are a knowledgeable patient that won’t settle for a mediocre performance."

"There are more than 20 full-page cartoon illustrations by expert illustrator Dave Allred, that knee replacement patients are sure to love. Irreverently funny, the cartoons keep patients laughing while the coloring creates a distraction from the discomfort and sheer tedium of knee replacement recovery."

"This is a short but jam-packed book with useful and actionable take-away's so you're best prepared for knee replacement surgery."

"Chris Easton has been a physical therapist for two decades. Specializing in rehab for knee and hip replacement surgeries, he wants his patients to have the very best recovery possible."

"At last, a definitive roadmap with defined steps anyone can take to minimize discomfort following total knee replacement ... How to increase the chances of successful surgical outcomes through proper nutrition, stretching exercises, physical therapy routines, and pain coping techniques."


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