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Q. Is minimally invasive joint replacement surgery right for me?

A. Minimally invasive joint replacement surgery can help alleviate the pain and discomfort of arthritis. There are a number of surgical options for people suffering from arthritis in the hip or knee. An in-person consultation is the first step in determining whether a surgical or non-surgical approach will work best for your individual situation.


Q. How can I get more information or schedule an appointment?

A. Please contact Epic Orthopedics in Redding at (530) 395-0340 to request an appointment.


Q. Where is your office located?

A. I practice at Epic Orthopedics in Redding, California. Our office is centrally located at 2662 Edith Avenue, Redding, CA 96001.


Q. Do you take my insurance?

A. Contact Epic Orthopedics at (530) 395-0340 to discuss how we can work with your insurance policy to make joint replacement surgery possible for you.

Q. How long will it take to recover after hip replacement?

A. Although the majority of patients undergoing hip replacement will return home from the hospital two days after their surgeries, the complete recovery process can last 12 weeks or more. (Read more)

Q. When can I return to work after surgery?

A. Most people will go back to work between three and six weeks after hip replacement surgery, however, this will depend on your activity level and your ability to participate in sedentary light duty. (Read more)


Q. What are the best alternatives to hip replacement?

A. Non-operative solutions for alleviating hip pain should always be considered before joint replacement surgery. A few of the most effective non-operative options include pain medication, physical therapy, weight loss, injections, and the use of a walking aid. (Read more)


Q. How long do hip replacements typically last?

A. The number of years that an artificial hip is expected to last varies depending on a number of factors, including the material being used and the amount of stress being placed on the new hip. (Read more)


Q. How can I make my artificial hip last longer?

A. Patients play an important role in helping to extend the lifespan of their artificial hips. (Read more)



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