As the average life expectancy of an American adult increases, the demand for total hip replacement is growing. More than half a million people will undergo the surgery each year by 2030, according to the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons. With hard work and strict adherence to recovery guidelines, patients are more likely to have successful outcomes following surgery, regain independence, and resume the activities they enjoy.


In LIFE AFTER HIP REPLACEMENT: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO RECOVERY & REHABILITATION, Dr. Troy A. Miles gives patients a clear understanding of what to expect following hip replacement surgery. He reveals how patients can improve their odds of successful outcomes and includes specific activity recommendations for the weeks, months, and years following surgery. This comprehensive and thoroughly illustrated guide bridges the gap between scientific evidence and real world advice. Readers will find information on what to expect after returning home from surgery, learn about which home modifications are essential during the early recovery phase, and gain a better understanding of how to safely resume popular sports such as golf, skiing, and tennis. Dr. Miles welcomes readers of all ages to learn more about the rapidly evolving field of adult joint replacement. LIFE AFTER HIP REPLACEMENT: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO RECOVERY & REHABILITATION is your invaluable key to a successful recovery and improved quality of life.




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