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Knee Replacement Book

YOU’VE TRIED IT ALL: PAIN MEDICATIONS, PHYSICAL THERAPY, WEIGHT LOSS, INJECTIONS, BRACES, CANES—the list goes on and on. When you still can’t shake the nagging pain in your knee, it’s time to consider a surgical intervention. More than 600,000 people are undergoing knee replacement surgery each year in the United States, making this one of the most common orthopaedic procedures now performed. Knee replacement surgery also has some of the highest satisfaction rates amongst orthopaedic procedures, with upwards of 85% to 90% of patients reporting positive outcomes.


LIFE AFTER KNEE REPLACEMENT: A GUIDE TO SUCCESS WITH SURGERY, RECOVERY, AND REHABILITATION offers a roadmap to achieving your goals following total knee replacement. With checklists, illustrated guides, and detailed explanations of what to expect before and after surgery, Dr. Troy A. Miles provides you with a clear understanding of what it is like to have knee replacement surgery and what steps you can take to maximize your recovery. He offers insight into what patients should expect when preparing for, undergoing, and recovering from the operation and simplifies larger aspects of the process.


  • Defined steps anyone can take to minimize discomfort following knee replacement surgery.

  • Checklists with specific questions to ask your surgeon.

  • Includes an illustrated guide with information about which foods can help increase the chances of a successful surgical outcome.

  • Dozens of strategies for coping with pain during the recovery process.





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