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Exercises to Reduce Hip Pain

One of the most common misconceptions about hip arthritis is that surgery and medications are the only two solutions for decreasing pain. Gentle arthritis hip exercises are a great option for men and women suffering from hip pain. An orthopaedic surgeon or a primary care physician can help select the best combination of exercises for your specific condition.

Starting small is the key to successful arthritis hip exercises. Patients see the best results when they gradually increase to more extensive forms of exercise. Here are a few common arthritis hip exercise recommendations:

Low impact exercises are often a good idea for people suffering from hip pain. Step aerobics falls into this category, with classes being offered at a number of local fitness facilities, as does walking and cycling. The gentle movements involved in low impact exercises help relieve hip pain. Low impact exercises should not strain the hips in the way jogging might.

Simple weight exercises can provide the joints with the support they need, while strengthening the bone and muscles surrounding the hip area at the same time. Straightforward exercises with small hand weights are one option for anyone looking to increase bone density.

Water exercises are another excellent solution for people suffering from hip arthritis. Natural buoyancy ensures that minimal stress is placed on the hip, even while the body is increasing its strength and endurance. Water-based exercise classes, such as water aerobics, are held year around in pools in the North State. Water aerobics classes are available through the Shasta Family YMCA, along with many other facilities throughout Redding.

Gentle stretching can be a good idea, however adults with hip pain should consult a physician before starting yoga or Pilates. Beginnings yoga classes often cater to seniors. Professional instructors should be able to offer guidance on how to participate in yoga or Pilates without placing unnecessary strain on the hip joints. In Redding, the Senior Citizen Hall hosts free yoga classes for seniors.

Whether you participate in one of these activities or all four, what is most important is finding something that you feel comfortable doing on a regular basis. Staying active in a safe and healthy manner is one of the keys to relieving hip pain, regardless of age. A physician should also be able to help find the best combination of activities to relieve pain due to arthritis in the hip.

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