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Advances in the Direct Anterior Approach

Thank you for visiting and checking out my blog. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a course on new advances in the direct anterior approach for hip replacements in Southern California. The direct anterior approach has its roots in the 1920s, but only recently gained more widespread use in surgeries such as hip replacement. Good research is being conducted and has demonstrated time and again that the direct anterior approach used for hip replacement allows patients to recover more quickly, return to full weightbearing without walking aids, and with much less pain and difficulty compared to other approaches for hip replacement. The direct anterior approach, though, is not without complications and courses such as the one I attended this past weekend allow expert surgeons to convene and discuss these challenges. We also discussed new techniques to minimize risks and aid in the efficiency and reproducible use of the direct anterior approach. This weekend's course in Southern California included lectures from leading academic experts, live demonstrations, and the opportunity for surgeons such as myself to continue refining the latest techniques in direct anterior hip replacement. I am looking forward to bringing these and other cutting-edge orthopaedic techniques to the Redding area and helping people get back to the activities that they love.


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